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winter tips

  • After you take the honey feed the bees 1-1 syrup and Complete Bee until the queen is laying lots of new bees.
  • When the population is full of young nurse bees feed 2-1 syrup from above until they don't take it any more usually into October.  This will be about 6-7 feedings of a gallon of more.
  • During this time feed mega bee pollen sub.  approx. 5-6 pounds.  We have mega bee on hand in five pound containers and by the pound.  The mega bee is made with Complete Bee, mineral salts, and canola oil.  
  • You must vaporize the colony for mites. Do this all summer on a monthly schedule and during the fall to ride the hive of mites.  Follow instructions.  It may take up to 12 times vaporizing the bees to kill all the mites before winter.  The bigger the hive, the more mites are in the hive.  Remember, one treatment of vapor kills 95% of phoretic mites.  80% of the mites are in the capped cells sucking the LIFE out of the new nurse bees and spreading disease.  How long do you think the winter bee will last when its half dead when she emerges?
  • The vaporizing of mites does not harm the queen, bees or brood.
  • Ventalate the hive.  Life the lid up  with 1/4 in. spacer in the back.  This will let the air circulate up and out.  Drill a 9/16th inch hole front and back of the hive bodies.  Make the hole slightly tilted down so the moisture flows out.
  • Protect the hive from rain.  A rain guard of some sort over the entire hive works well.  Water trickleing down the inside of the hive leads to foul brood. Tilt the solid bottom board hive slightly forward to let the water and moisture run out the front.  Moisture kills bees.  Not Cold.
  • Put a sugar cake on top of the colony.  Make a one inch spacer for the cake to lay in.  We will have some for sale.



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