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Order your 2016 Packages Now!!

We will run out this year.

How to order:

Go to "Shop Now" below.  Then order by State and the City you would like to pick up your package. 

We have Super Pollen Patties an Complete Bee Supplement on sale, make sure you get both when you pick up packages.

Mega Bee is the number one pollen sub on the market. Not only that Mega Bee has a NEW finer grind than any other pollen sub. This enables the bees to better up take the nutrients and benefit from the much needed pollen sub. supplement. Mega Bee Scientific research along with Complte Bee Supplement increase brood viability by 30%.  Instead of 60% of brood making it to hatch 93% make it to hatch.  More brood more honey.

If your thinking about Oxalic Acid vaporization Treatment for mites, Vaporize the Package before instalation (best) or 10-14 days later after the queen is relaeased and before the brood is capped.

We sell the number one Vaporizer, Varrox.

Sales have been super and we can hardly keep them instock.  

Order your vaporizer now! 




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