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Please Note the Pick-up locations Below:

We have a great group of customers and we try to get the bees to YOU.

If you can't make the pickup please have someone pick them up for you.

Washington Delivery:

April 11th 2015

Olympia Area  07:30 Morning.

Bainbridge Island  11:30 Morning

Chimicum  1:30 PM Afternoon

Sequim Valley Airport  3:30 PM Afternoon

April 18th: 

Seattle: 8:30 AM,  Boeing Field, 8555 South Perimiter Road

April 18th:

Ellensburg/Yakima in Ellensburg about 12:00

Wanachie:  Costco  3:00 PM

Twisp: Community Center 6:30 PM

Spokane/Western Montana  TBA!!!

Alaska Delivery:

Anchorage: April 26th @ 1250 Surrey Circle #1, in South Anc. @ 8:30 AM. 

Soldotna/Homer: April 26th afternoon.

Fairbanks/Interior Alaska:  April 27th Pikes Landing About 5:00 PM 




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Beekeepers, Washington/Alaska

Bees Package Process

Our healthy honey bees are ideal for getting your hive started.  

After installing the bees int he package box, the bees are settled down in a cool dark cool room for 8 hours to let them cluster up for the travel. We load them up from the warehouse at nightl, further reducing stress. The bees travel container has several fans installed to keep them cool and clustered.  The Bees are transported on a soft suspension enclosed cargo tailer. This extra care ensures to the best of our ability a fantastic product to you our valued customer.  Remember I get the same bees for my Apiary as you and I treat the bees as they are the ones I am getting.

When you get your package remember the bees have been in the package for about 12 hours.  These have not been with the Queen like the California bees for several days.  So don't release the queen for four days. You can hive the package but don't release the Queen.   

The bees will cleanse on the outside of the hivesometimes on the hive and some will make sure they go a little further and cover your white car.  Its not unusual.  They have been well feed and are working bees.  They are full.

The syrup in the cans is enough for the transport.  If you don't hive them right away you have to feed them. Our specialy designed cans are made for this purpose.  Just pop the lid and feed.  If it's cold outside don't wet them down with sugar syrup.    Move them inside and pop the lid on the can and add some 1-1 syrup (one pound water to one pound sugar). Also, you can spray the screen with 1-1 syrup and Optima or Complete mixture when inside your garage. This will calm the bees and reduce stress.  Our Optima Food Supplement  mixed with syrup will calm them also.  Keep them in a cool dark area as opposed to a warm room.  We have a new product "Complete Bee", which is a full strength mixture of Optima, Nozevit, and Bee Cleans in 100ml bottles.  Mandatory for a good start on your investment.  

If there are some dead bees on the bottom of the package that's not unusual. One Inch is not that many bees an is the international acceptable amount.  We don't like to see any.  That's our goal.  So we weigh out  more bees for every package to make sure you get more bees than you ordered.  If there are dead bees on the bottom of the package rest assured we installed more bees into that package before you got it.  We cannot take them out of the package.  But we can add more bees.  This only happened once in 9 years.  My Grand Father told me (when I sold corn and tomato's out of the back of a truck)  always give the customer 13 ears for a dozen.   

When you release the Queen four days later into the hive, just expose the candy plug.  If there isn't a candy plug, be sure to have a small marshmallow ready to put in the hole. The bees will free her in one day. These Queens are young and not to laying weight and WILL fly away if you direct release her.  If you haven't hived a package of bees there are numerous videos on You Tube.  I watch one several times before I hived a package the first time.  

Note:  It's better to hive them in the evening.  Reduce the entrance and have the food ready to go.

Releasing Queens:  

Do not direct release the Queen!  

Do not drill the candy plug or punch a hole in it!

If Queen is Marked By the Customer I am Not Responsible for Damage to Her.  Many times she will die and or not be accepted by the colony.

Any of these situations may accidentally kill or lose her.  Queens very often get damaged when marking them if not done by trained professionals on a daily basis.  This is the reason I don't get marked queens.  Even from these suppliers you might get a damaged Queen. I know from experience a healthy Queen is more important than a marked Queen.  It's nice to open the hive and look at your bees,  but it isn't necessary to find the Queen every time your in the hive.  If you do see her consider it a surprise.  The more you open the hive to look for the queen the greater the chance you have of rolling ( killing)  the queen.  Look for Brood and close the hive back up.  Feed like crazy and leave them alone.  These Queens are mated.  I am NOT responsible for the quality of mating. Its up to you as the Bee Keeper to manage the hive and order a queen if she isnt doing what is exspected.  I get queens from reputable breeders but remember its a gamble on packages.  

We are taking every measure thru years of experience to give you the best product possible.

Responsibility of Package Suppliers on Queens:

I will replace the Queen if she is Dead on Arrival.  I will replace the queen if she is dead when you expose the candy plug 4 days later after hiving the package.  I will do this for the first week after I deliver the package.  Spring Queens are typically pretty good. Summer mated Queens are better.  I deliver a Mated Queen from long time queen breeders/suppliers.  These queens are from Northern California.  In that area the spring weather may sometimes have marginal mating weather.  The breeders I get queens from make sure the queens are mated and laying.  All the breeders are responsible for is the queen is laying.  They don't keep her for a month to see if the pattern is perfect.  They also will delay shipment if the Queens have not had good weather for mating. Remember they mate in flight. Even artificial insemination doesn't guarantee 100% mating. It's usually 80% and some not that good.  

There are many reasons a queen may not lay properly. I suggest if that's the case look at how much your feeding, pollen, weather, etc. Then order a Summer Queen and Re-queen.   Its your part of the management of the colony.  I have a contact number for Queens so just call and I'll help you locate a Queen.  Remember if you don't supplement Pollen to the colony they can't raise a lot of brood.  A pollen patty is highly recommended.  The bees are mostly nurse bees, they are not foragers.  Therefore;  they don't bring in that much pollen.  That's why I have pollen patties available for everyone at pick-up time.  Along with Complete, Optima and Nozevit.

Notice:  Regrettably, due to the actions of a single customer, who stopped payment a month after receiving a healthy package, I must now add the following conditions; The package must be paid for before delivery. If you pay by credit card and decide to stop payment I have the option of having the bees returned to me.  There will also be an "Agree To Terms And Conditions" box to check before purchase.  There are no refunds on packages (they are always delivered direct to you live and healthy in person by myself).  

I supply the best bees for the best price in the Northwest Region.  Including Alaska. This is because we have a unique supplier close to our area. Everyone else imports from California. You need bees we deliver. 

I value and treat my customers the same way I would like to be treated. 

Sight inspection and mentoring is 75.00 per hour.  So a lot of reading is in order and a club membership is manditory to learn about the fun and amazing bee keeping hobby.



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Feed Your Bees more than Sugar Syrup!! Feed "Complete" in the syrup.  Its more than just a food stimulant.

We use "COMPLETE" in our Pollen Patties!!!  We are the only ones in North America doing this.

Were Getting "Thumbs up" from the Bees!!!  Twice the Brood Production!!!


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