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"We are out"of Carniolan Queens

Don't  order Carniolan Queens for the First Delivery in Washington on April 11th.

-Do not-

If you do order by mistake you will get Italians. As of this date March 4th,2015

I have an order in for 100 more Carniolans.  Weather will dictate the outcome.

The suppliers are all sold out for the first part of April. 


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About Us

Get a full range of honey bees and beekeeping supplies from Northwest Bee Supply in Sequim, Washington. Owners Mike Radford and his Wife Kathy have been in the bee supply business for nine years, offering honey bee packages from Portland to Alaska, food supplements for honey bees, as well as beginner and experienced beekeeping information. We also provide swarm removal services for the Sequim area, with honeybees removed at no charge and yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps removed for only $100.  I meet or Beat anyones price on a package of Bees.  Proof of Price Comparison required.


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