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Delivery Dates & Times


We have two deliveries of Nucs because we can only carry so many in the trailer. We prefer not stacking them on top of each other.  They get hot.  Even though we drive at night and with the fans on.

It’s been a very wet cold spring everywhere.  Most people lost all their bees this last winter. California cancelled early April queens and then delayed any queens until Mid-April then cut back those to many Bee Keepers.  These were long time customers but the Queens were not ready.

We are basically on time but many folks are learning about Nucs.  We build them up when we have Queens. It takes a couple weeks of great weather to get the queens laying and built up. Well, the weather was rainy, cold and lousy in North Central Oregon.  Hence, slow build-up of the Nucs. 

With a NUC, you the customer are still ahead of schedule for bee keeping. Plus, we make sure the NUC is in good shape and the Queen is laying a good pattern.

Be ready to feed pollen substitute and lots of 1-1 Syrup.  If you don’t you will kill your NUC.

Make sure you bring your recipe at time of pick-up. Read the terms and conditions please. Also, Keep the box for next year. Please, Check web site as we get closer to dates for any unexpected changes. 

Don’t ask to pick your bees up in a different city than where you ordered.


May 3rd 2019   All of Oregon @ (French Prairie Rest Stop) Just North of 

                  Woodburn, Or. On East Side of I-5 Going North. 

                  Time @ 8:00 PM


May 4th 2019  All Sequim @ 8:00 AM Till 10:00 AM. @ 191 Country Lane.  You can park in the Field by our house.

San Juan Islands delivery in the Afternoon.  Friday Harbor Airport at Main Terminal, 

Orcas Island, Ramp near Terminal, Bellingham Airport Terminal.


May 5th 2019    Whidbey Island @ 10:00 AM in the Parking Lot adjacent to Coupville Ferry Landing.


May 11th        Olympia, If I can get permission from Cabelas it will be there at 7:00 AM 

                  Tacoma, and Seattle @ 9:00:00 AM. In Parking lot of Target off HWY 16

                  exit number 1.


                  Please answer your phone you provided for contactif you see this number

                 907-360-8182, We are trying to call you for an important reason.  Thanks.



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