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Bee Food Supplements & Beekeeping Consultation in Sequim, Washington

Nozevit Information, Bee Food Supplements, Sequim, WA

Keep your hive alive with bee food supplements from Alaska Bee Products in Sequim, Washington. Our supplements are part of our line of beekeeping supplies that will allow your bees to thrive. Optima™, Nozevit™, and Bee Cleanse™ are essential for honey bee health.


Nozevit Plus incorporates the original highly popular Nozevit product and adds additional whole plant polyphenols aimed at the longer term health of the honey bee while maintaining the same application rate and methodology. It is an all-natural product helping to promote and maintain the intestinal integrity of the honey bee along with long term health and vitality of your bees.


Optima is a new all-natural honey bee food supplement and feeding stimulant that's mixed into sugar syrup and pollen patties. It contains whole plant polyphenols known for their intestinal cleaning properties, along with a complex essential oil package. It's a feeding stimulant and antibacterial for the bees, calms them, and promotes queen acceptance and the blending of weak hives and swarms.

Bee Cleanse (Organic Ingredients)

Bee Cleanse is another product from the makers of Nozevit and Optima. It is a ready-to-use feed supplement effective in providing a complete, balanced source of nutrients. Bee Cleanse is made up of plant polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extract blend, phytonutrient concentrates, and enzymes. There are two feedings per 16 oz. bottle, with a shipping weight of two pounds.

Wooden Products

Our wooden products will meet all your apiary needs. Choose from brood boxes, bottom boards, and Western honey supers. We also offer inner covers, telescoping top covers, frames, and foundations.

Beekeeping Consultation

Get expert advice on helping your honey bees thrive. At $35 per hour we will check out hives in the Sequim area and answer any questions you have.

Optima Bee Food Suppliment (Organic Ingrediants)

Optima is an all natural Honey Bee Food Supplement and Feeding Stimulant. 

Optima contains whole plant polyphenols - long known for their intestinal cleansing properties - along with a complex essential oil package to help promote a healthy intestinal tract in the honey bee as well as overall hive health, vigor, productivity, and cleanliness. 

Optima is a complete, complex, economical all natural product easily replacing many simple -incomplete products currently on the market, saving the beekeeper valuable time in product application, financial resources, and equipment requirements. 

Optima is not time sensitive. Product can be mixed in large batches of syrup and stored for an extended period of time between applications.



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