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Package/Queen Instalation

We have added this link to help NEW and Experienced Bee Keepers see and use a easy way to install a Package Of Bees. This article or information will help with queen acceptance.  Note: it strongly encourages not to go back into the hive for ten days after you expose the candy plug, or remove the cork.  They also recommend that you give the bees four days with the queen caged.  So four days caged,  expose the candy,  don't go back into the hive for 10-14 days to only remove the cage. Reverse the frame to have them repair it.

Do you want a 98% queen acceptance rate? Here are some PROVEN tips:

1) Do not poke a hole in the candy plug.

2) Always place the cage between frames of mixed, open brood (where the nurse bees are that are much more inclined to accept and care for her. Re-queen, drone layer replacement, laying worker, or hive start-up; all the same. Place her with brood and nurse bees. In the case of packages, just hang her centered in the hive. Place the queen cage so the nurse bees can see her.

3) Fill the feeder with syrup. 

Make sure you have our "Super Pollen Patties" on the bees.  They need protien to produce the maximum amount of brood.  We recommend putting pollen on the bees all summer.  One pound a week.  It make a hugh difference.

4) Place a piece of masking tape on the corner of the hive with the date she was introduced an DO NOT TOUCH the hive for at least 10 days other than to quietly fill the feeder without shuffling frames or otherwise making a disruption.

5) After 10 or better yet 14 days, gently move through the hive frame by frame until you find the empty cage. Remove the cage and then reverse one frame with the dent left from the cage. They will almost always repair the dent with worker cells if you do this.