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April 21st SATURDAY

Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle:  @ 8:00AM Location Tenatively Target on


Sequim: April 21st, @ 12:00 Noon.  Location: Sequim Valley Airport


Hello Bee keepers,  

April 8th 2018


This notice is for the Nuc people only.  The weather has not been warm in California to get the bees to the point we need them for Great Nucs.  They will be delayed until the 5th of May. That’s a Saturday and then the second load will be the following Saturday the 12th of May for Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana deliveries will be made.   We cannot get all the Nucs in one load because the load will be too heavy for the trailer.  

Thanks for your understanding.  I know how excited everyone gets to get their bees. This is kind of the way things have been going the past few years.  Cool weather when we are trying to breed queens and shake bees for packages. 

From some of the emails I have gotten from some folks this will work out great because they decided to take vacations when the bees.  

I also know this will generate a ton of return Emails.  Please go to the web site and look before e-mailing me.  


Top Bar Bee Keepers ONLY!  You will be getting your bees this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those dates are April 20th, for McMinnville at 5:00 at Hotel "Guest House" parking lot.  The next day the 21st.  For the Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma one location in Tacoma on Hwy 16. Target Store @ 8:00 AM.   Sequim @ 3:00 PM Sequim Valley Airport.  The San Juan and Whidby Islands will be the next day on the 22nd weather permitting about noon.  Look to the web site for dates and times and locations before you email me please.  I am very busy and can’t answer all the mail. These are packages only.  Everyone besides Top Bar people will get a Nuc.  



Alaska Bee Keepers.  Your bees will arrive on Friday April 20th and be available for pick up for Anchorage folks on Friday morning and Friday Evening when you get off work. The Address is:

8153 Lloyd Drive, Anchorage, AK.  It’s in The Jewel Lake area.  Time will be 10:00 until 12:00 AM and After 5:00 until 6:00 PM. 907-317-2315 Tyler’s contact number. He runs two other business so please be there to pick up bees. 

The Fairbanks people will be Saturday April 21st in Cantwell. Time about 1:00 PM, At the Gas Station on the left side of the Road going North.   There is only a few packages going that way and I have a volunteer from Fairbanks to bring them the rest of the way to Fairbanks.  I’ll have their name in the next mail.  He will be instructed to stop at Pikes Landing to give you your bees.  I’ll have their number in the next e-mail.  And I will call you guys in Fairbanks.  Thanks.


I understand it’s difficult to change dates but it’s farming. Mother Nature tells us what to do.

We want you to have the best bees possible.  

If you cannot pick up on the dates please have a friend pick up for you.  Also, check web site for details and I’ll send out emails with more details as the time gets closer. 


“Remember to bring your receipt to pick up bees”.


We will also have Pollen Patties at pick up time for sale. 

Please bring cash.


If you’re a New Bee Keeper please understand we cannot teach you at pick up time how to hive these bees.  You tube has some great videos.